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Our product range includes a wide range of aloysil fine grain silver dental alloy, acryl-hi powder denture material, self cure 10 temporary crown and bridge material, pyrax mta mineral trioxide, dental mercury - 30 gms and light cure universal nano hybrid composite.

Aloysil Fine Grain Silver Dental Alloy

₹ 3,564 /Box Get Latest Price

Packaging Size1 x 30 gm or 1 x 10 gm
Usage/ApplicationTo be used in stress bearing restorations
Packaging TypeBox
Shelf Life3 Years
CompositionSilver Metal 68%, Copper Metal-6%, Tin Metal-26%

Aloysil is a fine grain lathe cut alloy containing identical proportions of silver, tin and copper metals resulting in homogeneous amalgam. Due to high silver (99.99%) pure silver metal content alloy generates very high strength. excellent working properties and optimum setting time which is easy to carve and adopt. Surface finish and has silvery lustre with high compressive strength.

Application: To be used in stress bearing restorations (class 1 and 2) when other restorative materials or restoration techniques are not indicated


  • 200 mg - 1/2 Spill (White) In 50 & 100 Capsules pack
  • 400 mg - 1 Spill (Yellow) In 50 & 100 Capsules pack
  • 600 mg - 2 Spills (Blue) In 50 & 100 Capsules pack
  • 800 mg - 3 Spills (Red) In 50 & 100 Capsules pack



Acryl-Hi Powder Denture Material

₹ 6,390 /Box Get Latest Price

BrandAcryl - Hi
Packaging Size200 gm,1 kg,3 kg
Usage/ApplicationFor Dental Problems
Packaging TypeBottle

Ultra-high impact heat cured denture base acrylic resin is Polymethyl Methacrylate resin which is cadmium, lead, arsenic free with excellent flow characteristics, good tensile strength and color stability.


  • Accurate Fit long working time in its dough stage.
  • Flow able and practicable consistency after mixing.
  • Exceptionally high mechanical strength and high lustre finish.
  • Cadmium free composition.


Self Cure 10 Temporary Crown And Bridge Material

₹ 200 /Unit Get Latest Price

BrandSC -10
Packaging Size400 gm,55 gm,3 kg
Usage/ApplicationRegulating Blood Sugar level and in controlling excessive thirst ,hunger etc
Packaging TypeBox

Helps in Regulating Blood Sugar level and in controlling excessive thirst ,hunger, fatigue and Urination,it also helps in reducing triopathic complication and improving quality of life.

Dosage: 2 tablets thrice a day, half an hour before meals or as direct by the physician.


    Pyrax MTA Mineral Trioxide

    ₹ 899 /Box Get Latest Price

    Usage/ApplicationPYRAX MTA - is Specialised For cavity Lining/ Base, repairing root perforations during root canal th
    Country of OriginMade in India




    Powder: Mineral Trioxides Aggregate

    Liquid: Calcium chloride In Purified Water

    MTA is product as mixing powder & liquid of the prolonged hardering and the fast setting.


    PYRAX MTA is used for

    • Pulpotomies in primary teeth
    • Cavity Liner in recurrent Caries
    • Resrograde filling of Root canal
    • Apexification and Apexogenesis
    • Perforation Closure
    • Root Resorption

    Pulpotomy:- Remove the roof of pulp chamber  and all remnants of coronal pulp tissue in primary  teeth up to bottom of pulp chamber, disinfect and clean it thoroughly with root canal irrigation. Use a small applicator to apply mixed MTA material on floor of pulp, remove excess material at the site a dry cotton pellet, close it with glass ionomer cement to ensure sealing .

    Retrograde Filling of Root Canal:- For retrograde filling of a tooth apex under anesthesia you should provide access to a tooth root apex ( dissect a mucous supra-bony flap), carry ot root apex resection and with the help an ultrasonic tip with special diamond hand piece to form a cavity for retrograde filling. After mauntence of hemostasis the cavity in a tooth root apex is filled by the received paste. It is necessary to replace the bone defect with the osteoplastic product, the flap is fixed by the suture.

    For Perforation Closure:- For closure of the perforation hole into the washed and dried canal you should insert product into a zone of defect, seal and check correctness of its inserting using X- ray. Then the rest canals you should obdurate, isolate with the lining product and restore the tooth crown.

    For root Resorption:- For sealing a cavity at the resorption of tooth it is necessary to provide the access to a zone of the resorption and to carry out tool processing. Then place a product received by mixing of a fast- setting powder with the distilled water ( X-ray Control ) in a cavity of the resorption and isolate its surface by glass-ionomer  cement .

    For Apexification Apexogenesis:- For apexification of a root you should insert the product into the apical zone and seal, using amalgamate plunger and cotton ball or paper points into the prepared canal.the paste can be condensed, using ultrasonic hand piece without water sprinkling. On average capacity.

    Under the X-ray control it is necessary to check the correctness of the product accommodation, which should remain as a constant component of a seal of the root channel. Then the rest canals you should obdurate, isolate with the lining product and restore the tooth crown.

    For Cavity Liner on Recuurent Carious Area:- For a pulp covering the prepared cavity should be processedwith antiseptic and a small amount of the product is placed on the naked site with the help of the spherical applicator. Then this zone is covered with a temporary product before the following visit. At the positive dynamics in the following visit it is necessary to remove the temporary product, the medical covering should be isolated  with the glass – ionomer cement and restoration is finished.

    STORAGE:- Store at a temperature of 10°C to 30°C Keep out  of dry | Warning | Avoid the contact of the powder with the air. Tightly seal cap of powder bottle after every use.

    Do not use  after expiry date.

    Shelf Life :- 3 year From date Of manufacture.


    • Powder: 1gm
    • Liquid: 5ml

    Dental Mercury - 30 GMS

    ₹ 599 /Bottle Get Latest Price

    Country of OriginMade in India

    Product Detail

    Recommended for preparing superior dental amalgam in combination with non-gamma 2 and fine grain silver alloy powder.


    To be used with silver powder to form silver amalgam filling.


    Triple distilled pure mercury


     30 gms plastic bottle

    Shelf Life

    3 years from the date of Manufacturing.

    Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite

    ₹ 500 /Piece Get Latest Price

    MaterialComposite Materials
    Packaging Type4.5 gm syringe
    ColorA1 A2
    Packaging Size1 x 4.5 gm syringe

    Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite is a light curable composite. It can be used for anterior and posterior dentine and enamel restorations.The inorganic filler loading is about 71% by volume. The particle size varies from 0.03 to 5 microns. After filling, a blue light initiates a quick free radical polymerization generating an organic resin and inorganic filler composite which demonstrates a great strength and aesthetic appearance as real tooth. Due to its high radiopacity, a clear X- ray picture will be helpful for clinic practice.

    Light Cure Composite Kit

    ₹ 2,350 /Kit Get Latest Price

    Cleaning TypeManual
    Packaging Size7 Syringe,1 Bond And 1 Etchant
    Type Of Dental EquipmentFilling Material

    resin based Dental restorative material in syringe with bonding system type II composit, radiopaque.
    Product Benefits
    * Excellent physical properties for long lasting restorations.
    * Lower polymerization shrinkage than conventional composites.
    * Higher filler contents.
    * Extremely high abrasion resistance
    Product Packaging
    6 X 4 gm syringes Avin hybrid composite
    1 x 2 gmflowable composite syringe
    5 ml bottle adhesive bond 
    1 x 2.5 ml syringe etchant gel
    micro brushes
    Applicator tips

    Light Cure Universal Nano Flowable Composite

    ₹ 480 /Piece Get Latest Price

    Packaging TypePacket
    Colorshades- A-1 A-2 A-3,A3.5
    Packaging1 syringe x 2 gm

    Light Cure Universal Nano Flowable Composite is light yellow viscous paste consists of BisGMA, inorganic filler nanoparticle. Due to its great flowable and thixotropic properties, it can be used for a small area which could not be reached by applying other composites. The filler loading is about 34% by volume. The particle size varies from 0.03 to 1 micron.

    Flowable Composite Kit

    ₹ 1,600 /Kit Get Latest Price

    Packaging TypePacket
    ColorShade- A1 A2
    Weight2 gm

    3 x 2 gm syringe Aavin flowable composite
    1 x 2.5 ml syringe Etchant gel
    applicator tips

    Diagnostic P.M.T. Set of 3

    ₹ 415 /Pack Get Latest Price

    Automation GradeNA
    FeaturesMade of high quality German Stainless Steel.
    Power SourceNA

    Description of product

    Made of high quality German Stainless Steel.


    1. 1xProbe
    2. 1xMirror
    3. 1xTweezer


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